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When friends Belle and Jessie go away for the weekend and drunkenly hook up; what seems like an awkward slip up to firmly heterosexual Jessie, is, in fact, an incredible betrayal to bisexual Belle.

Treacle is the writing debut for Mini Productions’ award-winning actor and producer April Kelley and explores her own experiences as a bisexual woman. The film aims to shine a light on the lack of visibility for bisexuals who only receive 1% of LGBT funding worldwide each year.

In collaboration with the Bisexual Resource Center, the film supports the notion that bisexuality isn’t just a phase or an experiment nor is the ‘B’ there to just help the acronym roll off the tongue. We hear you & we see you! This is one of our stories.

Treacle has gone on to screen at over 50 festivals worldwide, April has been nominated as Best Actress by BAFTA qualifying festival Underwire and the film has one multiple awards including Best Women in Film award at Bolton Film Festival. Over 50% of the team who brought Treacle to life are female and we’re proud to tick all the Triple F-Rated boxes.




Filmmakers Statement

As a bisexual woman in the industry, I can’t help but feel that the ‘B’ in ‘LGBT’ is simply there to make the acronym roll off the tongue with ease. More often than not, what appears to be a bisexual story turns into a tale of experimenting or just ‘a phase’.

I’ve always been open when it comes to sexuality and very happy to answer questions my friends build up the courage to ask when they’re drunk. But, what happens when that drunk friend wants to push her own sexual boundaries? You’re friends, you’re comfortable in each others company, no doubt you’ve snogged before. What do you do if the advances are more? That’s what is explored in Treacle.

Having heard these stories from both sides and experiencing my own, I’m fascinated by the ‘what if’ and the late-twenties social panic. What if, as an LGBTQ+ woman, you stop the advances to protect the friendship – the rejection still ultimately might hurt the relationship. Or, what if you in a drunk fit of lust and ‘fuck it’ attitude go for it. What if 30 is looming and you don’t know what or who you want for the future but feel pressure by the life clock?

It’s complex, but just because it’s complex shouldn’t mean we avoid fulfilling the stories of bisexuals. Life is complicated, but we don’t get lazy with other stories but defaulting them as ‘a phase’. And this is why I’m giving the ‘B’ a voice in Treacle, my writing debut.






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“The beating heart of the film is April Kelley whose bisexual lead is wholly engaging, believable and identifiable, her life and strength of character underpinned by an insecurity that Kelley subtly teases into the performance in nothing short of an exemplary effort.” – view

“April Kelley’s script is extremely well written, feeling completely natural, with a great pace and flow… Kelley and Rosie Westhoff have created something really special with Treacle, it’s portrayed with the utmost respect and great storytelling.” – view

“The film achieves it’s aim – to give a story to the ‘B’ in LGBTQ. The acting is strong, particularly from Kelley who also wrote the script and, if I may, is most likely drawing from her personal well.  A thoroughly modern story of romance, confusion and sexuality. Treacle is sweet, sickly and lets the message lingers in your mouth after the credits roll.” – view

“This is the writing debut of April Kelley but I would be willing to bet a round drinks that she has been writing for awhile now behind-the-scenes because this was a very capable script. Every line of dialogue needs to mean something in a short-film, especially one with an emotional rooted message and Kelley accomplishes this with her script.” – view

“Keep an eye out for April Kelley because I think she has a really interesting career ahead of her.” – view

“Treacle is a short film with a fresh outlook that depends a lot on its female-led team: Rosie Westhoff’s vision fused with April Kelley’s words and the chemistry between Kelley and Ari Anderson comes together as a beautiful whole that deserves our attention.” – view

“Finally, I wanted to mention Treacle, which was my favourite film of the festival… Without spoiling the film, it’s a hangout movie that is able to simultaneously deal with raw, impulsive actions and real emotional depth.” – view

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“Huge credit must be given to both April Kelley and Ariana Anderson for their outstanding performances in this beautiful short.” – view

“Treacle is as modern, fresh, and up to date as it gets. It was one of the stars of the 2019 BFI FLARE festival. April Kelley’s film is beautiful, funny, and shocking all at the same time.” – view

“As a short film, Treacle gives time and attention to a bisexual woman who is able to speak her thoughts and combat perceptions of her sexual identity. Whilst the erasure of bisexuality exists within queer cinema, Treacle displays how essential visibility is and the types of conversations that still need to take place.” – view

“Treacle goes right to the heart of sexuality within female friendship and the difficulties that arise when boundaries are crossed. Treacle shows us that heartbreak is possible for promiscuous people too.” – view

“Treacle is relatable, refreshing and visually superb. It’s warm and funny but filled to the brim with tension at just the right moments, telling a familiar story from a fresh perspective.” – view

“The audience can immediately tell that Belle and Jessie have been friends for a long time even though very little about their history is told. They have a very playful and honest relationship, which is sold by the two leads’ natural chemistry and Kelley’s absorbing screenplay.

Few films feature canonically bisexual characters, and even fewer explicitly address the problems that bisexual people face. In just 16 minutes, Treacle carefully addresses the stereotypes that leave bisexual people feeling invalidated, and it gives the B in LGBTQ+ some much-needed visibility.” – view