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We’ve all waited for ‘the one’. The one who catches our eye, the one who keeps our interest, the one who won’t expect us to trudge down that conventional path. Annie Waits tells the story of lust and disappointment, as a twenty-something waits for her adult life to begin.

The short film stars and was produced by Mini Productions’ April Kelley alongside Andrew Simpson (Notes on a Scandal, Rebellion, Road Games), Sam Swainsbury (Mum, Fearless), Moses Gomes-Santos (Youngers), Sam Gittins (The Smoke, Ripper Street, Mr Selfridge) and Matthew J Ovens (Humans).

Annie Waits has gone on the screen at over 70 festivals around the world including BAFTA and Oscar qualifying festivals such as St. Louis International Film Festival, London Short Film Festival and Underwire where April was nominate for Best Producer in the Under 25 Award. The film has picked up many awards a long the way, most notably First Female Filmmaker Contest at Women and Hollywood and Colchester Film Festival Rising Star Award.

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Winner of the Colchester Film Festival Rising Star Award 2017

Winner of Best Actress for ‘Annie Waits’ at First Rule of Film Club 2017

Winner of Best Female Voice Over for ‘Annie Waits’ at Enginuity Film Festival 2018

Winner of First Female Filmmaker Contest for ‘Annie Waits’ at Women and Hollywood 2017

Winner of Best Dramedy for ‘Annie Waits’ at Snake Alley Film Festival 2017

Winner of Best Comedy for ‘Annie Waits’ at São Paulo Times Film Festival 2017

Winner of Jury Prize – Best of the Fest for ‘Annie Waits’ at IndieBoom! Film Festival 2018

Winner of BIAFF 2018 ICA & Diamond Best Comedy for ‘Annie Waits’

BIAFF 2018 5 Stars Comments for ‘Annie Waits’

Nominated for Under 25 Award in Producing for ‘Annie Waits’ at BAFTA qualifying Underwire Film Festival 2017

Nominated for Best Actor for ‘Annie Waits’ at St Albans Film Festival 2017

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“… Her overall performance is just perfect and undeniably endearing.” – view

“As Annie, April Kelley’s narration breathes a nuanced life into the film. On a listening level, we stay in Annie’s head throughout the film, and it is a pleasant place to be. The dialogue of other characters is used sparingly, though heard when necessary. It is a daring choice that pays off thanks to Kelley’s dazzling performance both on and off-screen.” – view

 “It was clear that the actor believed in the project and thus sought to bring the character to life in a down-to-earth realisation, vitally ensuring that Annie wasn’t overplayed and that the admirable side of the character’s honesty was first-and-foremost in the audience’s mind as an aspect of themselves that they could identify with, rather than an unlikable ‘other’ that would have seen her character crumble.” – view

“… lead actress Kelley who does a fantastic job of making Annie lovely yet ruthless, lovable yet selfish and is genuinely a lead who’s enjoyable and entertaining to watch.” – view

“Kelley is delightful, definitely a face to look out for.” – view

“April Kelley shows she has a bright future ahead of her with a subtle but amusing performance.” – view 

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