Summer On Ice

A Mini-Doc About Lockdown


There’s no denying it, everyone’s 2020 has been turned on its head because of coronavirus. No matter the size, lockdown has ruined plans left right and centre. We know in the grand scheme of things all these plans can be put on ice and that the priority is making sure our loved ones are safe and well, but it still stings – and that got us thinking… yes we may have missed out on a lot whilst quarantining but for every cancelled plan what have we gained?

Big time creatives and long time friends April Kelley (actor/producer) and Dylan Holloway (singer/songwriter) took a safe and sanitised* trip around London in an effort to make real people with real stories feel seen as we begin to emerge from the Coronavirus lockdown. A duo on a mission to find out what was lost in the quarantine, but more importantly, everything that was found. Some of the stories are painful, and some of the stories are bursting with hope, but each and every one is equally as relevant and deserves to be heard. At the end we also see what April and Dylan personally lost and gained in lockdown.

The documentary is non-verbal and backed by a song written and recorded by Dylan Holloway during his time quarantined called ‘Summer On Ice’ – The song, Dylan explains “it’s a subtle reflection of the unprecedented and sad times but how we’re still managing to stay romantic and hopeful, all wrapped up in acoustic nostalgia – longing for a summer in London”.

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*Note – Hand sanitiser was used by everyone involved before and after each shot took place, we maintained social distancing and masks were worn throughout filming whenever outside of the safe space ‘bubbles’.

DIVA Magazine

“What started off as a hopeful, fun idea became something very special in our eyes. Not only did I get to spend a few days driving around our beautiful city with one of my greatest collaborators next to me, but I really felt we carved out an opportunity for others to be seen.”

“Lots has summed it up perfectly, all I can add is that amongst the uncertainty, the fear and the sadness, you can always seek and find compassion, hope and to an extent, the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’ – and for this, I’ll be forever grateful.”